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Their life cycle is nothing short of incredible: they hatch in water, spend weeks or months in metamorphosis, then become either terrestrial or remain primarily water bound.

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Some salamanders even breathe through their skin! Our live amphibians for sale online include frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts. Some are huge, some are small, and virtually all are amazing to observe in captivity. Very hard to find and prove true Super Giants. A lot that are labeled SG are just overfed normals and mixes. Unfortunately, overfeeding for weight has taken it's toll on many of these geckos.

All the "record breakers" seem to have died within a couple of years. Best to not solely look at the scale and go for length instead. The scale can be used in a more accurate way if feeding is not overdone. Efforts to remove the disorder have proven unsuccessful over and over. Be very careful of breeders claims to no "Enigma Syndrome" ES. I personally won't work with them anymore due to the issues.

Increased iridophore pigment cell imbalance causes morph coloration but also seems to be the cause of the iridophoromas. Mixing in lighter colored morphs such as hypo tangerine seems to increase symptoms.

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No LF siblings ever show symptoms. TUG snow Supposed to not have a super form but when bred to a Mack snow supers can be produced. Hard to prove otherwise. Ghosts article.

Mack Snow Super Snow - Homozygous version. Can act dominant. Can act dominant to some extent. Hard to nail down so best to be worked with as a line bred. Knowing that it can be removed is useful for breeding though.


"mack snow leopard gecko" - Reptiles, For Sale in the UK and Ireland

Ray Hines Hypo - Possible dominant hypo gene. Most are just variants of the ones seen below. These are some of the more commonly seen ones. They descended from a pair he purchased of Ron Hatcher in ' Usually just tangerine variants. Lavender Bells- Paul Allen line. Characterized by orange and green coloration. Foundation to other projects such as g project. Typically brighter orange in color but can vary.

Possibly this created het eclipses from which a new line of eclipses and raptors began. Other ideas suggest hets floating down through the line. It is however common to see sunglows with a few spots but they should be more of the super hypo variety to be called a true sunglow. Most agree that it is line bred like other tangerine lines. At this time he was downsizing, so he sent the project to Luca who then line bred them to what they are now. Extensive further test breedings have confirmed the tangerine acts as a line bred. Sunsets and Sunrises should co me from the original Nick Stark line.

Super Snow line bred for speckling. Possibly het for Blizzard or Murphy. They can be useful in shortening up names and one should be familiar with them whether they use them or not. I have listed the common ones seen in the hobby although some have tried to tag more combos with their own versions of names. Most of these others are desperate attempts to market their animals and are not worth noting. These are to represent the very best of these line bred animals. Creamsicles were pioneered by JMG reptiles and traditionally came from those bloodlines.

Sometimes you will see geckos labeled Banded or Jungle Raptor to distinguish pattern. It is also fine to just label raptors as "Tremper Eclipses".

Leoaprd Gecko

Just be aware that the debate exists and it doesn't really matter since it is just a random visual difference that distinguishes them. Good luck! Tremper het Eclipse is typically what should be used as the patternless is highly variable. The other albinos would include the albino name i. This article will be specifically targeted toward leopard geckos but it's principles can be applied across the board of breeding reptiles. Recently ethics when breeding has become a real hot issue among breeders and hobbyist alike, and although it is usually laced with arguments and a lot of drama, I feel it's best that I discuss proper breeder ethics from a medium to larger breeder's point of view.

Some may agree or disagree but I speak in fact and get down to the real issue which is irresponsible breeding. Common leopard geckos are not immune to injury, and their tails often take the brunt. In the wild, if a severe injury occurs to a common leopard gecko's tail it will shrink until the injured part is shed off. For pet geckos, if injury necessitates an amputation of the tail, it will also shrink.

Common leopard geckos range in color from a yellow to brownish-orange base with spots covering all or mostly half of the dorsal region of the body. Their color is derived from pigment-containing cells known as chromatophores. These cells are responsible for an array of coloration seen in all reptiles, amphibians, birds and some species of insects. Chromatophores come in a variety of types based on the color they correspond to. Chromatophore types include xanthophores responsible for yellow coloration , erythrophores responsible for red coloration , iridophores responsible for iridescence , leucophores responsible for white coloration , melanophores responsible for black coloration , and cyanophores responsible for blue coloration.

The skin of wild common leopard geckos contains xanthophores yellow and melanophores black spots. Designer common leopard geckos may possess erythrophores and leucophores since commercial breeding and artificial selection have allowed novel coloration to arise.

Leopard Geckos

Common leopard geckos have predators such as snakes, foxes, and other large reptiles. Their keen sense of hearing and sight help them escape from them during the night. Along with their exceptional sight and hearing abilities, their skin helps camouflage themselves from their predators. Their sense of taste and smell also helps them with survival.

They also stay in underground holes and burrows during the daytime, not only to avoid the heat but to also avoid the risk of getting eaten.

Here is another one.

Common leopard geckos also have the ability to voluntarily detach their tails if it is attacked, grabbed by the tail, bitten during copulation, or nipped by another during feeding. This is called caudal autotomy. After autotomy the tail can continue to twitch for as long as 30 minutes, allowing the gecko to escape from its predator. This detaching of the tail causes a high level of stress on the gecko due to the loss of the valuable storage of fat it once had. A lost tail may increase the chance of sickness in the gecko and in some cases kill it, but this is very rare.

The tail will also be shorter and often fatter than the previous tail.

Sexual dimorphism is defined as a phenotypic difference between males and females of a species. It can be commonly found in animals, such as the common leopard gecko and other reptiles. The underside of a gecko truly determines the sex of the gecko. Males have pre-anal pores and hemipenal bulges while females have smaller pores and do not have external bulges. Males can determine the sex of other common leopard geckos by smelling pheromones on their skin.

Pet Leopard Gecko Care, Facts & Information

Males respond to males with aggressive behavior while they demonstrate courtship behavior towards females. Towards other males, the male would raise itself up from the ground, extend his limbs, and arch his back with the swelling of the tongue in aggression. He will then make short dashes and quick, vigorous bites, which frequently lacerate the skin and sometimes severely injure his opponent. Males behave the same way towards females while they are shedding their skin. Before and after the shedding of the skin, the males still express courtship behavior towards the females.

Common leopard geckos are also known to have temperature-dependent sex determination TSD. Any temperature above that is normally not going to produce a newborn, as it will be too hot for the gecko inside the egg. Determination of sex is believed to be set during the first two weeks of incubation.