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You are not bound by any of the presets, let your creativity take flight by playing around with textures, surface bump maps, environment textures, light spots and shadows, and other settings to come up with new materials. Art Text implements 3D modeling engine which helps to convert any text, symbol or pictogram to 3D. Our graphic design software embeds 3D renderer together with tons of customizable 3D materials to ensure super realistic results every time. Tweak text finishing with a variety of masks to render an aged text or a scratched look, as well you may add a stamped effect with just one click.

Easily experiment with settings and combine masks with other effects to get a somewhat unexpected, but impressive result. Special 2D materials open the door to an array of visual effects, such as bumping or embossing, you may also apply a glass, plastic or gold finish, you can make the surface glossy, matted, bright or faded, as well as giving your graphic a fascinating watercolor, oil paint, pencil or drawing look. The most demanding users will find the material editor handy for creating their own Shading Materials.

Go beyond simple color fill by applying photo textures to give your text a grunge, nature, wood, paper, stone, or a watercolor texture as well as many more surfaces.

Word Art Generator - Descargar

All textures are tileable, allowing you to achieve uniform surfaces no matter the setting of the texture scale. Using geometry transformations, you can give the text a wavy, slanted and inflated look or give it any other shape that you can think of. Hundreds of preloaded vector icons, symbols, shapes, paint stains, watercolor blobs, and spots that can be used like LEGO pieces in logo design.

Apply soft-edged shadow or glow to 3D objects. Use optical effect tools to make background objects out of focus. Apply 24 transformation shapes to 2D or 3D texts to bend, warp or give the text a wavy shape. Share the art on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with just one click, or export to an image file to use virtually anywhere. This is a tremendous app for those who do video and any type of mailout, bulletins, brochures, business cards, Power Point, Keynote, stationary, web banners and a whole lot more.

It gives you the chance to give your work a look of professionalism. You do not have to be a super pro to use it! It has been of great benefit to me in all of the above applications and more.

Basic doodling app for Mac

Art Text is a narrow-purpose graphics and text-styling tool that's easy--and even fun--to use. This program is primarily intended for creating stylized buttons, logos, and blocks of text that you can then export in a variety of file formats to another program for creating a final product, whether a brochure or a Web page. Art Text gives you an intuitive interface with a toolbar, preview area, and multilayer support that should be familiar to anyone who works with graphics programs, and the most recent version can also handle multitouch trackpad gestures.

In addition to basic editing tools like flipping, blending, and rotation, you get a whole host of other effects including color and texture fill, linear and radial gradients, and shadow, glow, and metallic and materials options. You also get access to a ton of predefined templates, styles, textures, and vector icons and shapes. Art Text may be limited in its capabilities, but it offers a lot of different features to support its primary purpose. The veteran producer and brainchild behind the new Netflix kids' science series says that salvation OneNote is flexible and much liked.

But if it doesn't work exactly like you want, you have plenty of About the only con I could think of is, it's not free, but I wouldn't expect it to be. Was this review helpful? Incredible choice of effects, textures and color gradients including a huge selection of pre-installed icons and graphic arts ready to be transformed.

Styles and Materials

Not much to criticize because it covers it all: I have been a user of Art Text since version 1. Three main points: Besides the numerous graphic arts included, you can add to the library your own graphics and transformed them completely with the software. All effects proposed can be customized by varying colors, gradient angle, number of gradients, lighting, size, resolution, textures, fonts You can learn the basic working in a few minutes but the more you use it the more you discover all its possibilities.

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Automatic rendering makes you edit any changes fast and precisely. The GUI is user-friendly, and it shows you right away what the effect does. No rendering time spent and undo is available. Without leaving your original art, you can walk through one effect after the other before making your final choice. To make it short, it is a superb piece of software which can meet a lot of graphic effect challenges which would have taken you a long time to get via Photoshop or similar software. And the price is low! This review was originally posted on VersionTracker.

I love this software but I am having a big problem getting the disk image of the downloaded update 2.

I get a warning not to open it. Tried twice now to download from two sources and the problem persists. Amidst all the rave reviews, I have to say that unless you're just going to do some basic modifications based on the templates provided, this is probably one of the more difficult-to-use products I have encountered in nearly 25 years of Macsperience.

Aside from my project-specific complaint of not being able to combine more than two layers cannot combine three text elements into a single layer , text formatting is extremely un-Mac-like you never know what size you're dealing with.

Crea títulos bonitos y seductores

Help describes procedures that are different from what you actually have to do. Reply to this review Read replies 2.

If I read the description correctly, the watermark only appears on output from the free version. If you buy a license code and register the program, watermark will disappear. The very first version was great and it just gets better. It's hard to produce something that looks bad with a little effort.

Version 2 is a whole new ball-game allowing for much creative flexiblity I had hoped would come one day. WordArt is a quick way to make text stand out with special effects. You begin by picking a WordArt style from the WordArt gallery on the Insert tab, and then customize the text as you wish. In the WordArt gallery, the letter A represents the different designs that are applied to all text you type.

Insert WordArt

The WordArt icon is located in the Text group, and it may appear different depending on the program you're using and the size of your screen. Look for one of these icons:. You can enter entire sentences, and even paragraphs, as WordArt. You may have to change the font size for longer text. And in Word, you can also convert existing text to WordArt in Word.

Office Hogar y Estudiantes 2016 para Mac

You can include symbols as WordArt text. Click the location for the symbol, and on the Insert tab, click Symbol , and pick the symbol you want. Select a heading below to open it and see the detailed instructions. Use the text options in the WordArt Styles group instead. Shape styles and effects apply to the box and background surrounding your WordArt, not to the WordArt text. So, to add effects to your WordArt, such as shadows, rotation, curves, and fill and outline colors, you use the options in the WordArt Styles group, including Text Fill , Text Outline , and Text Effects. Depending on your screen size, you might only see the icons for WordArt Styles.

The Text Effects menu is not the same as the Shape Effects menu. If you don't see Transform at the bottom of the menu, make sure you've clicked the Text Effects menu. Use the Text Effects menu to create other effects, such as shadow, reflection, glow, bevels, and 3-D rotation. This example shows WordArt with a curved transform effect and a shadow applied.

To rotate WordArt text to any angle, select it, and then drag the circular rotation handle at the top of the box. To flip WordArt or rotate it 90 degrees, click the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Rotate in the Arrange group, and then select an option. On the Home tab, select options in the Font group, such as font style, font size, or underline. Add clip art to a file. Add shapes. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click WordArt. Under Drawing Tools , on the Format tab, click any option.

For example, you can change the direction of the WordArt text by clicking Text Direction in the Text group and choosing a new direction for the text. You can add a fill or effect to a shape or text box as well as the text in the WordArt. If you have a chart in your Office release document, you can replace the chart title with WordArt to give the title additional emphasis.