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Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood Mac Mr. Extended Play. Book Category. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 7 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Dance Say You Will Fleetwood Mac: Live in Boston Mixed [3]. Mixed [4]. Positive [6]. Rolling Stone. Lindsey Buckingham , Julian Raymond.

Fleetwood Mac ~ Say You Will ~ Live

Nicks, Ray Kennedy , Gary Nicholson. Nicks, Rick Nowels. Belgian Albums Chart Wallonia [10]. Canadian Albums Chart [8]. Danish Albums Chart [11]. Dutch Mega Albums Chart [12]. German Media Control Albums Chart [14]. Irish Albums Chart [15]. Japanese Oricon Albums Chart [16]. New Zealand Albums Chart [17]. Norwegian Albums Chart [18]. Swedish Albums Chart [19]. Swiss Albums Chart [20]. UK Albums Chart [21]. US Billboard [8]. US Billboard [22]. Singles chart Year Single Chart Position I can't see "No Questions Asked" sounding good live at all.

As for other music off of Tango Lindsey's title track would sound great live, but other than "Big Love" I think the album pretty much belongs to Christine. I also can't stand the idea of Stevie and Lindsey doing Christine's songs, which is why I really didn't care for the Unleashed tour. I mean, how could they realistically call it a Greatest Hits tour without Chris? She wrote the majority of their big radio singles. Another comment about the set list The SYW Tour set list changed twice.

I think "Sisters of the Moon" will stay. Once they perform it a few more times it's really going to rock by the way, Stevie was mistaken when she said they hadn't performed it since the late 70s I do think "Sara" will probably end up on the chopping block, and "Silver Springs" is likely to go as well. So it's very possible a couple of her other songs may make their way in. Angel was performed by Stevie on her Wild Heart tour-at least in Philadelphia it was.

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And I agree with last poster because I hear songs they do in Philly but by end of the tour a few of those songs are lost and replaced. I clearly remember Destiny Rules being performed and heard through the online community it had been dropped in later shows. Can't wait for tomorrow night! I'd love to see Angel in the set too. The way Stevie and Lindsey interact with each other on that song is great!

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  6. I also would like to see Blue Letter added throw out I'm so afraid. I love watching the Mirage video of Stevie on Blue Letter. Hello from Columbus! They are worth checking out. There is a wide variety of styles for men amd women. Hint; the red and white stripe 77 t runs big. Thank you Columbus poster! I'm heading there tonight and was wondering what kind of cash to bring for the Tshirts.

    Thanks for responding! Can't wait for the show!

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    Top Ten Songs Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham Wrote About Each Other

    No sunglasses for the Philadelphia show!! Loved it. Loved the arrangement of Sisters of the Moon with the "sisters" refrain. Great great show!

    Thrown Down

    Post a Comment. Fleetwood Mac Columbus, Ohio. April 4, Nationwide Arena. Columbus, Ohio. Concert review Fleetwood Mac: First tour stop had it all. Band in fine form as it satisfies crowd in Nationwide. The Columbus Dispatch. Columbus was the first show in a gig run. The band made tunes that dallied with the darker side, more mysterious still.


    Sisters Of The Moon opened with considerable drama and ended with Nicks emoting almost as if in fits. Gold Dust Woman was at once spooky and dreamy. Still, the rhythm section proved why it is — after nearly 50 years — one of the most powerful and distinctive in the business. Buckingham delivered leads that nearly burned down the hall, while adding a richness to the mix with consistently sophisticated guitar work.

    Fleetwood Mac - Thrown Down on Vimeo

    Nicks sounded terrific, avoiding the annoying and taxing signature tremolo and concentrating on the natural emotion in her voice. Gypsy particularly showcased her maturing instrument with a succulent delivery. Even though her trademark spin was reduced to about 16 RPM during Gypsy, any movement nonetheless elicited raves. Buckingham not only led the group firmly but was the artistic center. A dissertation about taking musical chances was followed by a few selections from Tusk.