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Plug-ins, iMovie Plug-in PreferencePanes, InputManagers Imovie for mac Trying to make a highlight video for my high school soccer player. No, the application will not work on PowerMac G5 because there is no version compatible with it.

Apple Imovie Mac - download

I've accessed various websites including the Apple one, but didn't find anything related to full This is a very old Mac that doesn't support the apps released nowadays. Of course, there are updates for iMovie HD, but they do you no good since there is no version compatible with the PowerMac G5. VLC media player 3. Bigasoft iMovie Converter 5. Related advice. More results for "Imovie for mac Free only. Search in titles Learn - iMovie 10 Edition. QuickTime Player.

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Wondershare Video Converter Pro. Incredibly easy install, thanks for the directions and for providing this in the first place. I can open old project and not loose all the titles and other work I did. Thank you so very much… now if I can only figure out how to get back my photoshop cs3 which I lost when I upgraded my mac to IMovie HD is stille the best program for creative people, all the new once or not decent. One problem: I tried the newest version of I movie version 10 and I movie HD is still the best and most logic to use. Used iMovie 3.

Apple imovie mac 10.6.8 social advice

Boom, Freeze, Crash. Avid of all people! Thanks for posting this after an otherwise chump situation at Apple. Sitting in the Apple Store…genius bar. Thank you for this. Huge help, thanks! Had a friend that just bought and older computer and I only could find newer versions of iMovie. Thanks again. Thank you. When you do that, the same message appears but with different options, and this time you can override and open the app anyway. If you know of other great older software that runs under Snow Leopard, especially audio editors or sound synthesizers, please let us know.

Thanks a lot Robert you just saved my day! I have got it, have imported a Music video of myself, of which I want to get 6 or 7 clips from to use on my website. The clip appears small and grainy. What do I do to get a high quality clip? Thanks so much Robert. Kind Regards, Buddy. Thank you so much for providing this invaluable service.

Last week, my computer crashed and burned with all my data and software. But I was most upset by having lost my beloved iMovie HD which 6 years ago I had Apple Support send me to replace the then current version of iMovie on my new computer. Apple Support told me that after version I had Maverick How was I going to work on my many videos?

You sir are a genius!!!!


Thank you so much. The other version just disappeared on me when I upgrade OS. Not sure how it happened but they want me to fork out now for a terrible version. Thank you again!! Thank you so much for the download.

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I deleted this by mistake over a year ago , and could not find a movie maker that was this easy , and good to use. I had been uploading straight forward videos to you tube [ Immortaldio ] for all this time since losing this application. Thank you — thank you — Thank you. I hope many more find this , and you get the credit you deserve from all. Best wishes. As everyone else has done, I thank you for posting this.

Perfect for simple video projects. Thank you so much Robert — this is helping me save so many old iMovie files! Question though: I am running It seems as though these are the only ones I am unable to open through iMovie 6 HD that I downloaded here. Any suggestions on how I might recover these movies? I am not looking to edit or do anything with the movies, just view them and possible export them to.

Thanks in advance! Also, I have old gee three transitions that would no longer work on the download, but updated downloads are available from Slick GeeThree site and they also work on mountain lion and I recently had to replace my iMac desktop computer as the hard drive died.

I had backed up everything on external hard drive thank goodness. I now have a new iMac late I am running OS I have always used and loved the iMovie 6 HD. I am afraid to use the new one as everyone says it is awful… So I just had the computer set itself up from my external hard drive using Time machine.

Here is my problem. I can load and edit videos just like before but when I close a project and then reopen it to continue to edit, the scrubber bar and play head are visible but within seconds they disappear.

More results for "Imovie for mac 10.6.8 gratis"

So I can no longer edit using my play head and scrubber bar. I tried re installing iMovie from your download but the same problem happens. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thank you so much for your time and your help. Peace, Susi. This happens when you open the DMG file? Is there an on-line or other manual for this version of iMovie? I would like to start a project. Kim the same happened to me! Here hugs for you lol! I hated all of the new versions now I can go back to editing.

I really cannot thank you enough! I just got a new iMac because my old one died and the new iMovie 10 just…blows.

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Thank you for bringing life back to imovie! Thank you so much for this. I have a first gen macbook that I upgraded from Tiger to Snow Leopard a year or two ago, losing iMovie 6 in the process. After wasting an hour trying and failing to make 9 do what I needed it to do, I checked the internet, found you site, downloaded version 6 and got it done in 20 minutes. A million thanks. Does anyone know how to tackle this problem? Bjorn, thank you very much for sharing that video. I was so bummed when I lost iMovie HD 6.

They used to be the best company and now they are just like all the rest. So sad. Cheers, Stinki1. My version got corrupted. Blessing to have ability to download another copy of this app. Oh my god! Have you got any idea how happy you have made me!!! Then I will have to install all my Gee 3 volumes.

CAMTASIA Video editor ALTERNATIVE for MAC OSX 10.6.8 and Higher (LINK)

I unwittingly used iMovie HD I believe v. I just started piecing together a G4 1. Reply to this one so I get e-mail notifications if someone does. In a word, thanks. What they did with iMovie after version 6 was simply inexplicable.