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It uses the camera's built-in "Firmware Update FIR" or "PS.

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FI2" depending on the camera model. It is the easiest way to load CHDK but must be done each time the camera is powered on, because CHDK does not make any permanent changes to the camera when it runs. CHDK can be configured so that it automatically loads each time your camera starts. This is done via the "Bootable SD Card" method of loading and requires that the SD card be setup specially for this purpose.

To use this method, format and load the card using the instructions below, and then set the card's lock switch the little slider mechanism on the side of the SD card to the "LOCK" position. This means that for cameras released prior to January there needs to be a FAT16 partition with a slightly modified boot block. Cameras released after January can boot from either a FAT16 or a FAT32 partition, although each format requires a different modifications to the boot block. Setup of the SD card is somewhat complicated as different cameras have different requirements and limitations.

Tech Support - Outback SD card Formatting

That flag is ignored by Canon cameras. Note also that newer cameras do not support dual partition CHDK booting. You can also use a single FAT16 partition if your card is 4G or smaller or if you are willing to just use 4G of a larger card. You might choose to use a FAT16 partition because you wish to use one of the automated configuration tool see below and that tool does not support FAT32 booting.

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There are quite a few method of setting up an SD Card for cameras released after Listed below are three easy ones - alternative methods can be found at the bottom of this wiki page. Utilities for cameras released after With older cameras, the best booting method options depends on the size of the SD card. For cards 4G in size or smaller, the card needs to be formatted as FAT16 and configured to be bootable. For cards 8G or larger, you will need to create two partitions - a small K FAT16 partition configured to be bootable and a larger partition formatted as FAT32 to take up the rest of the space on the SD card.

Not all cameras support dual partitions. Check the wiki page and forum porting thread for your camera before trying to use dual partitions. There are quite a few method of setting up an SD Card for cameras released before Listed below are four easy ones - alternative methods can be found at the bottom of this wiki page.

FAT16 (FAT) vs. FAT32

Windows does not seem to be able to access both partitions at once. You can use the WASP utility to manage that.

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Seems like disk numbers greater than 1 should be used in all answers to this lest users erase their main drive. If you're comfortable with using the Terminal, try this: First, look at the partition table by running this command: EFI To do that, run this command: G-Man 5, 11 23 Alex Plumb Alex Plumb 1, 2 12 When I did the 'diskutil list' command, I got the following for disk1: And it doesn't show up in finder, and plugging it in brings up a window saying "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" and the buttons "Initialize," "Ignore," and "Eject.

I've learned something today: If the SD card is write-protected the result is a rather misleading error message. Perhaps you can include that in the answer? Matthew Reynolds 1 3 This answer is pretty risky if you haven't first used some tool like diskutil to determine which device your SD card is.

How to Format an SD or Micro SD Card on Your Mac

Good thing I didn't follow this answer blindly! Thanks, i'll try this cleaner thing BUT now that this card is formatted "fat32" will it work.

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I searched all over to try to find a mac way to format Insert the SD Card into a card reader. If you don't know how to find the device number of the SD Card, here is one way to do it: Open Disk Utility 2c.

Formatting Micro SD Card to FAT16 | Freefly Forum

Click Erase at the top of the window 2e. Select Volume Format: Note this number as it will change by itself to "Untitled". We need to reformat it in FAT In a terminal window: Then type "ls" with a lower case L and "Return" key. You should see the SD Card device number listed. The desktop icon of the SD card will disappear.